Hello !!!

Long time no see.
Where are you these days? How are you? What are you doing?

Do post your Name, Year of passing and Contacts (cell no. & email id) below, in the ‘Reply’ box, so that we can update your contacts in the year-wise “Alumni Directory” on the left- hand column and get back to you with the latest happenings and leave you with some of your lost ones. 🙂

As an alternative, you may contact any one of us :–

* Ms. Rasheswari Singh Deo- Rasheswari.singhdeo[at]gmail[dot]com.

* Mr. Arvind Pal- arvindnitrkl[at]gmail[dot]com, Ph- 09861359497.

* Dr. Devajyoti Guin- devajyotiguin[at]gmail[dot]com. 


Keep in touch. Bye.


4 Responses to “Members”

  1. Elora Says:

    Great Job! I hope you remember me Devajyoti.

  2. dguin Says:

    nope. I’m sorry… But, is it Gudli.

  3. Joy Deep Ghosh Says:

    good to see everyone here…. and waitin fr others to join

  4. Lalit kishori singh deo Says:

    wanna be member of my proud school

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